Month: June 2016

End of the season words from the ALLBB Commissioner

Hello ALLBB Community,


I want to thank all of you for everything you have done this season. The season was hard considering the dugout fiasco and the walls being kicked out three times, the snack shack break ins, etc.

Winter baseball is filling up fast this year and we are looking for coaches for both days (Thursdays LL and Fridays Teeball and Minors) to help out. The more coaches we have the more stations we can run and that gives the kids more one on one quality practice time. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out.

Please remember to sign up NOW for next year if you already know you are going to play. This will help us in the fall when we are preparing orders for uniforms.

Many of you have expressed changing the rules, like the infield out field rotation, sliding, stealing, pitchers circle, if kids are half way to a base when the ball is in the circle, they get the base, etc. Talk to us send them in, then come to the next General assembly meeting and bring it up there also. We can then discuss it and vote on it well before the season even starts.

Speaking of the GA meeting, many of the Board members are stepping back including myself. Please pick up an info sheet at the Registration table to see which Board positions will be open for next year. The date of the General Assembly meeting will be shared when know.


Thanks for helping out,

Commissioner Gregg Norgren

Schedule for 25.06.2016, our last ALLBB Game Day

The game times are as usual.


09:00 – Giants and Pirates – Field A

09:30 – Red Sox and Phillies – Field B

11:15 – Mets and Reds – Field A

11:15 – Cubs and Tigers – Field B

13:30 – Braves and A’s – Field A

13:30 – Brewers and Blue Jays – Field B


*Home field will be awarded per coin toss.


The ALLBB season will officially come to an end after the Little League games.


Circa 16:00 Junior fun game & end of the year volunteer party


The juniors will be playing the coaches, the board, the umpires etc,… in a fun game.


Island of Baseball – Summer Camp #1

Das Island of Baseball – Summer Camp findet vom 25.07.16 – 28.07.16 in der ersten Ferienwoche statt. Präsentiert wird das Island of Baseball Camp von den Berlin Sluggers e.V.

Unsere Trainingsziele sind das Fordern und Fördern der physischen, psychischen und technisch- taktischen Bereiche des Baseball/Softball

Täglich von 9.30 Uhr bis 12.30 Uhr
Location: Paul-Rusch Stadion (Kölner Damm) Baseballplatz und Turnhalle bei Schlechtwetter

TeilnehmerInnen: Kinder und Jugendliche zwischen 6-16 Jahren mit viel oder wenig Erfahrung im Baseball/Softball

Unsere TrainerInnen sind alle langjährig aktiv im Baseball und Softball tätig. Alle Camp-Coaches haben eine Berufsausbildung mit pädagogischem Schwerpunkt.

Campinhalte: Hitting, Throwing, Running, Taktik und Spiele

Kosten: 99 € pro TeilnehmerIn (Geschwisterkinder 5% Rabatt)

Anmeldung: Registrierung erfolgt online:

Little League schedule weeks 10 & 11

Here’s the Little League schedule for weeks 10 and 11. Home field will be awarded to the underdog.
Week 10 – June 18th, 2016 – FP 13:30
Field A – Brewers @ A’s
Field B – Braves @ Blue Jays (though the teams are tied the Braves have won 2 of the 3 Games played against the Blue Jays)
Week 11 – June 25th, 2016 – FP 13:30
1st Place @ 2nd Place
3rd Place @ 4th Place
Also, please keep in mind that each Little League team is required to have a helper in the Snack Shack from 13:00 – 15:00, games can be delayed if a helper from each team is not there.

In Memory of Justin Roggow

Dear JFKS Community,

as many of you know, one of our students, Justin, recently passed away. It has been a very big shock to our tight-knit community and our thoughts and prayers go to him and his family. Many have approached me to ask how they can help the family in this time of need. Here is how you can help…
The Berlin Scouting community is organizing a memorial service, with the assistance of the JFKS, for Justin on Tuesday, June 14th, followed by a reception, which will be open to the JFKS community. We will need the support of your donations to make this possible. If you would like to help, please send your donation to the JFKS Verein and include (under Zweck): “For Justin”. More details about the memorial service will be announced next week.
Thank you so much for your support.
Vanessa Hansen

June 11th Photo Day Schedule

Provided we have good weather our GOAL IS TO GET ALL OF OUR PHOTOGRAPHS DONE ON JUNE 11TH. Please work with your players to have everyone available. Makeup day is on June 18th but we will specify a time and any makeups will have to conform to our schedule regardless of when they are scheduled to play that day.

Here is the plan:

0800 – 0900

Photographer 1: ML teams – Cubs and Pirates (0900 game start Field A – Note: ML teams go directly from the photo shoot to the field for 0900 game)

Photographer 2:  TB teams – Red Sox and Phillies (Field B – Note: TB starts later if necessary but this is normal)


0900 – 1000

Photographer 1: ML teams – Giants and Tigers (1115 start Field A – Note: Leaves one hour to warm up before game)

Photographer 2: ML teams – Reds and Mets (1115 start Field B – Note: Leaves one hour to warm up before game)


BREAK – Flex time to catch up on stragglers

1100 – 1200 UPDATE 1045 – 1115

Photographer 1: LL teams – Blue Jays and Brewers (1330 start Field A – Note: Photographer has to leave at 1120 – 1:45 min  hour to warm up before game)

1100 – 1200

Photographer 2: LL teams – Braves and A’s (1330 start Field B – Note: Leaves 1 ½  hour to warm up before game)




1330 – 1430

Photographer 1: Junior teams – White Sox and Yankees (1600 start Field A)


June 18th is makeup/weather delay day but if we work things right we should be able to get this done on the 11th.