June 11th Photo Day Schedule

Provided we have good weather our GOAL IS TO GET ALL OF OUR PHOTOGRAPHS DONE ON JUNE 11TH. Please work with your players to have everyone available. Makeup day is on June 18th but we will specify a time and any makeups will have to conform to our schedule regardless of when they are scheduled to play that day.

Here is the plan:

0800 – 0900

Photographer 1: ML teams – Cubs and Pirates (0900 game start Field A – Note: ML teams go directly from the photo shoot to the field for 0900 game)

Photographer 2:  TB teams – Red Sox and Phillies (Field B – Note: TB starts later if necessary but this is normal)


0900 – 1000

Photographer 1: ML teams – Giants and Tigers (1115 start Field A – Note: Leaves one hour to warm up before game)

Photographer 2: ML teams – Reds and Mets (1115 start Field B – Note: Leaves one hour to warm up before game)


BREAK – Flex time to catch up on stragglers

1100 – 1200 UPDATE 1045 – 1115

Photographer 1: LL teams – Blue Jays and Brewers (1330 start Field A – Note: Photographer has to leave at 1120 – 1:45 min  hour to warm up before game)

1100 – 1200

Photographer 2: LL teams – Braves and A’s (1330 start Field B – Note: Leaves 1 ½  hour to warm up before game)




1330 – 1430

Photographer 1: Junior teams – White Sox and Yankees (1600 start Field A)


June 18th is makeup/weather delay day but if we work things right we should be able to get this done on the 11th.