Month: November 2016

2016 Annual General Meeting – November 30th

Hello ALLBB Parents,

The annual general meeting of the JFK American Little League Baseball-Berlin (ALLBB) will take place on November 30th at 19:00 in the JFK small Aula (behind the stage) please see the attached invitation and attachments.

Many of the currently serving board members are standing for reelection. However, we do have a few board members stepping down and positions needing volunteers. Anyone can place their name in for nomination at the meeting for any position.

If you are interested in helping out by participating on the board or have any questions about the responsibilities of the positions, please let me know.

Even if you are not interested in being on the board, we encourage you to attend the meeting. We have 185 registrations in the ALLBB, but, traditionally have very little support at the annual meeting. Your attendance would show your appreciation for the work the board does.


Position: Incumbent – Candidates for election or reelection


President: Gregg Norgren – Cameron Scott, only announced candidate

Vice-President: Craig McLaughlin –  no current candidates running for election

Secretary: Erin Gross – Betsy Ammann, only announced candidate

Registrar: Christine Archer – Buck Chisolm*, only announced candidate

Treasurer:Buck Chisolm – Buck Chisolm*, standing again

Coach Coordinator: William Hunt – no current candidates running for election

Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Ellen Wu – Ellen Wu, standing again

Field Manager: Thomas Love – Thomas Love, standing again

Umpire Coordinator: Jackie Pocklington – Jackie Pocklington, standing again

Equipment Manager: Josh Mandel – Gregg Norgren, only announced candidate


* Buck Chisolm will leave Rolls-Royce at the end of November 2016 and enter retirement. As such he is confident he will have the time/energy to fill both positions.

Best regards,

Gregg Norgren

President / on behalf of the Board