Month: May 2016

Little League game schedule weeks 7,8 & 9

We have another 4 scheduled weeks with the next three repeating the schedule we have had for the season so far. Here is what it looks like:

Week 7 

Field A – Brewers vs. Braves
Field B – Blue Jays vs. A’s
Week 8

Field A – Braves vs. Blue Jays 
Field B – Brewers vs. A’s
Week 9

Field A – Blue Jays vs. Brewers
Field B – Braves vs. A’s

Home team will be determined by the W-L record at the time of play, the team with the worse overall season record will be given “home team advantage”.

Week 10 is still to be determined but will most likely be based on the the overall W-L records of the 4 Little League teams. 

Week 11 is in the calendar as back-up day for a rain outs, we’ve been lucky so far but you never know what the weather has in store for us. If there are no rain outs it will be determined on how to best use this day.

More info on weeks 10 & 11 will be coming soon.

Lastly, please keep in mind that each Little League team is required to have a helper in the Snack Shack from 13:00 – 15:00, games can be delayed if a helper is not there.

ALLBB picture day 2016

Mark your calendars, Saturday June 11, 2016 is the ALLBB picture day, with the back up day being the following Saturday June 18th. More info regarding the exact schedule for when the teams are to be photographed will be posted soon.