End of the season words from the ALLBB Commissioner

Hello ALLBB Community,


I want to thank all of you for everything you have done this season. The season was hard considering the dugout fiasco and the walls being kicked out three times, the snack shack break ins, etc.

Winter baseball is filling up fast this year and we are looking for coaches for both days (Thursdays LL and Fridays Teeball and Minors) to help out. The more coaches we have the more stations we can run and that gives the kids more one on one quality practice time. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out.

Please remember to sign up NOW for next year if you already know you are going to play. This will help us in the fall when we are preparing orders for uniforms.

Many of you have expressed changing the rules, like the infield out field rotation, sliding, stealing, pitchers circle, if kids are half way to a base when the ball is in the circle, they get the base, etc. Talk to us send them in, then come to the next General assembly meeting and bring it up there also. We can then discuss it and vote on it well before the season even starts.

Speaking of the GA meeting, many of the Board members are stepping back including myself. Please pick up an info sheet at the Registration table to see which Board positions will be open for next year. The date of the General Assembly meeting will be shared when know.


Thanks for helping out,

Commissioner Gregg Norgren