Hello Baseball Friends 2017

Hello Baseball Friends,


the end of winter is near and the sweat sent of spring is almost hear, but all we can think about is BASEBALL!

We’ll be kicking off the beginning of our Little League baseball season on April 22nd, 2017 and we look forward to celebrating it with you! More news on the other important ALLBB dates will be coming soon.

But there’s so much more happening behind the scenes.

We’ve elected a new ALLBB board which includes the ALLBB board veterans Buck, Ellen, Gregg, Jackie & Thomas while welcoming Betsy, Cameron & Florian to the mix.

Thanks to our Registrar Buck we were able to implement digital registration to our ALLBB registration process. You can check that all out on our updated Registration Page.

Our Equipment Manager Gregg was able to purchase a great deal of new equipment due to the very hard working Treasurer Buck who kept a close eye on expenses over the last years.

Thomas, our Field Manager, has been hard at work since the end of last season cleaning up the field so that we have an even better 2017 season. The fence lines have been cleaned up, around the storage containers and the general field conditions tuned up.

Have you seen the new posters and flyers? Betsy our secretary worked diligently under a time crunch to put those together, and we love them. Thanks Betsy!

All these people, and our coaches as well, are working to forge a wonderful baseball experience in our ALLBB community for our 2017 season. But we’re all volunteers, and volunteers are people like you. We would love to have your help, check out our volunteer form here.

Yes spring is near and baseball is in the air and we look forward to our time at the ball park with you.


The ALLBB Board