Opening Day Is Here!

Opening day is here, and here is the game schedule fro April 22nd, 2017.

Don’t forget the 2017 ALLBB Opening Ceremony kicks off at 11:00, players come join your team at 10:45.

See you at Berlin’s favorite sandlot!

9-10:30 A Minor Reds Cubs
9-10:30 B Minor Pirates Mets
11:45-13:45 A T-ball Royals Padres
11:45-13:45 B T-ball Dodgers Pirates
14:00-16:00 A Little League Marlilns Rockies
14:00-16:00 B Little League A’s Nationals
16:15-18:15 A Little League Orioles Diamond Backs

Umpire Clinic April 1st with Chris Purrington

Christopher Purrington will be holding an umpiring clinic for all parents, coaches and players above the age of 12 that are interested in getting a better understanding of the rules of baseball and would consider umpiring. Chris Purrington has been a licensed BSVBB umpire for 4 years, but has been umpiring in recreational leagues for 15 years, beginning his journey into umpiring at 15 in the ALLBB. The clinic will take approximately 2 hours and will include a crash course on the basic rules,as well as theoretical and practical aspects of umpiring. The final 30 minutes of the clinic will involve on the field drills for proper positioning. Please make sure to dress appropriately.


We’re also holding the annual player evaluation after the field clean-up (starts at 10:00) on Saturday, so plan on a day at the Sachtlebenstr ball park!


Approximate Umpire Clinic start time – 15:00


For more information write to:


Baseball School Berlin’s spring break events

Baseball School Berlin will be hosting several events during the spring break coming up, there’s something for baseball fanatics of all ages, check it out!


April 8th, 19:00 – 22:00 @ EVOPE (Gürtelstr. 25, Berlin-Friedrichshain) – Coaches workshop with Minnesota Twins Scout Andy Johnson.


April 10 through 13, 10:00 – 13:00 @ Flamingo Ballpark (Königshorster Str. 10a, Reinickendorf) – Island of Baseball #2 – Ostern/Easter Camp. This workshop targets youth players born between 1999 and 2004. More information here.


April 10 through 13, 14:00 – 16:00 @ Flamingo Ballpark (Königshorster Str. 10a, Reinickendorf) – Advanced Pitcher & Catcher Clinic. This workshop targets youth players with advanced baseball experience born between 1999 and 2004. More information here.

Benjamin Kleiner (founder of Baseball School Berlin)

Field Clean-up Day, April 1st at 10:00, Sachtlebenstr. 36

Spring is here and the ALLBB baseball season is just around the corner. It’s a good time of the year to take some time to clean-up and we’ll be doing just that On April 1st starting at 10:00. Players, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, coaches, umpires, and everybody else we could use your help cleaning up our Sachtlebenstaße baseball field.


Please bring garden tools (rakes, shoves, clippers,…) and gloves.


Don’t forget we’ll be holding player evaluations and the umpire clinic after the field clean-up on April 1st as well.

2017 ALLBB Calendar

March 23rd – Coaches Meeting – 18:00 – JFK Old Gym (correction from March 26th)

April 1st – Field Clean-up – 10:00 – Sachtlebestr.

April 1st – Juniors League meeting – 10:30 – Sachtlebenstr. – All Juniors players must attend

April 1st – Player Evaluations – after clean-up – Sachtlebenstr.

April 1st – Umpire Clinic with Christopher Purrington – Time TBD – Aproximately 15:00 – Sachtlebenstr

April 2nd – Player Draft –  ML 14:00, LL 15:00 – Droste Gym,

April 22nd – ALLBB Opening Day 2017

April 22nd – Opening Ceremony – 11:00 – All players/coaches must attend

May 6th – Photo Day – Sachtlebenstr – Times T.B.D.

June 10th – Back-up Photo day (For players who missed May 6th Photo-op)

June 24th – ALLBB Closing Day 2017 – Volunteer/Juniors Baseball Game and volunteers party after last LL game


Games to be held every Saturday from April 22nd through June 24th of 2017

Hello Baseball Friends 2017

Hello Baseball Friends,


the end of winter is near and the sweat sent of spring is almost hear, but all we can think about is BASEBALL!

We’ll be kicking off the beginning of our Little League baseball season on April 22nd, 2017 and we look forward to celebrating it with you! More news on the other important ALLBB dates will be coming soon.

But there’s so much more happening behind the scenes.

We’ve elected a new ALLBB board which includes the ALLBB board veterans Buck, Ellen, Gregg, Jackie & Thomas while welcoming Betsy, Cameron & Florian to the mix.

Thanks to our Registrar Buck we were able to implement digital registration to our ALLBB registration process. You can check that all out on our updated Registration Page.

Our Equipment Manager Gregg was able to purchase a great deal of new equipment due to the very hard working Treasurer Buck who kept a close eye on expenses over the last years.

Thomas, our Field Manager, has been hard at work since the end of last season cleaning up the field so that we have an even better 2017 season. The fence lines have been cleaned up, around the storage containers and the general field conditions tuned up.

Have you seen the new posters and flyers? Betsy our secretary worked diligently under a time crunch to put those together, and we love them. Thanks Betsy!

All these people, and our coaches as well, are working to forge a wonderful baseball experience in our ALLBB community for our 2017 season. But we’re all volunteers, and volunteers are people like you. We would love to have your help, check out our volunteer form here.

Yes spring is near and baseball is in the air and we look forward to our time at the ball park with you.


The ALLBB Board

BSVBB Schüler Auswahl 2017

We here at the ALLBB would like to take a moment to recognize the following Rams Schüler players (who also play in the ALLBB) –

Michael, Jeremy, Scott, Elon, Kenny, Johann & Kyran.

We  congratulate you on making the 2017 BSVBB Schüler Auswahl Team, and wish you continued success in your life and baseball journeys. We look forward to seeing you on the field again this coming spring at our beloved Sachtlebenstrasse!

The ALLBB Board

2016 Annual General Meeting – November 30th

Hello ALLBB Parents,

The annual general meeting of the JFK American Little League Baseball-Berlin (ALLBB) will take place on November 30th at 19:00 in the JFK small Aula (behind the stage) please see the attached invitation and attachments.

Many of the currently serving board members are standing for reelection. However, we do have a few board members stepping down and positions needing volunteers. Anyone can place their name in for nomination at the meeting for any position.

If you are interested in helping out by participating on the board or have any questions about the responsibilities of the positions, please let me know.

Even if you are not interested in being on the board, we encourage you to attend the meeting. We have 185 registrations in the ALLBB, but, traditionally have very little support at the annual meeting. Your attendance would show your appreciation for the work the board does.


Position: Incumbent – Candidates for election or reelection


President: Gregg Norgren – Cameron Scott, only announced candidate

Vice-President: Craig McLaughlin –  no current candidates running for election

Secretary: Erin Gross – Betsy Ammann, only announced candidate

Registrar: Christine Archer – Buck Chisolm*, only announced candidate

Treasurer:Buck Chisolm – Buck Chisolm*, standing again

Coach Coordinator: William Hunt – no current candidates running for election

Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Ellen Wu – Ellen Wu, standing again

Field Manager: Thomas Love – Thomas Love, standing again

Umpire Coordinator: Jackie Pocklington – Jackie Pocklington, standing again

Equipment Manager: Josh Mandel – Gregg Norgren, only announced candidate


* Buck Chisolm will leave Rolls-Royce at the end of November 2016 and enter retirement. As such he is confident he will have the time/energy to fill both positions.

Best regards,

Gregg Norgren

President / on behalf of the Board

Islands of Baseball – Autumn Camps

Still wondering how you’re going to fill all that time during the autumn break, well check out Islands of Baseballs autumn camps.

Kyle Ascher, photo by Cameron Scott

Baseball for young players (5 – 12 years old) Monday the 24th – Wednesday the 26th of October 2016, 10:00 -13:00, more info:

Batting in focus (13 – 17 years old) Thursday the 27th & Friday the 28th of October 2016, 10:00-13:00, more info:

Or contact per email: