Looking Back at the ALLBB 2017 Opening Ceremony

In Berlin, sometimes you just gotta play baseball even if the forces of nature are against you. Saturday the 22nd of April, 2017 was one of those days, but even the natural forces gave us a bit of a break just long enough to hold our ALLBB 2017 Opening Ceremony. The Boy and Girl Scouts of Berlin presented the colors, while George Takis sand both the national anthems from Germany and the United States. The JFKS Rams Cheerleaders braved the poor weather and performed for the audience of baseball enthusiasts. Buck Chisolm MC’d the ceremony while wrestling with the Ceremony. Jackie Pokington performed a skit about that reflected the blind observations of umpires. Kent Logsdon and his wrapped it all up while reminiscing about the history of baseball in Berlin and his son threw out the first pitch of the 2017 season. It was a good time for all and we are happy to have shared the good old ball park vibe with y’all.



Thank you Niels Gongoll for the photos!

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